ESGI are focused on delivering Solutions and outcomes by using the Internet of Things (IoT).  We deliver and maintain our client’s equipment on their quest to a smart building.  We achieve this by creating a Global Framework of Hardware and Software Partners that allows ESGI to offer a unique solution to overcome the various challenges a client may face in today’s technology driven assets.

As the world of IoT expands and more devices are connected, even more data will be created, which gives a deeper insight into the performance of assets such as buildings and infrastructure. The ability to add value to this data and drive efficiencies into balance sheets and operational budgets is fundamental to our offering.  ESGI will work with you to find a financial model that will help you achieve your goals.

We have Global partnership deals with many major hardware and software manufacturers, this allows us to be completely transparent and flexible with the roadmaps we create for our clients.

Our 365 Operation Centre, which is located in Dubai give us the ability to constantly monitor the delivered solutions and helps us to optimize the client’s assets performance in real time. Our operations center is also responsible for the security of the data, this data is stored using industry best practices and replicated at various disaster recovery locations.


Our Hardware and software solutions can exist at the Edge, Cloud or on Clients location depending on their requirements, we ensure a high level of security is achieved on every project.

In summary, ESGI provides all the ingredients, resources and delivery capability to deliver Innovative, scalable and cost-effective technologies.